Pittsburgh Washing and Drying Machine Repair

Refrigerators and freezers have a typical life expectancy of about 10-20 years, during which time your appliance may need repairs.  With the possible exception of your refrigerator/freezer, when the need for washing machine repair arises it can cause significant disruptions.  For this reason, we believe in the importance to perform quick and efficient service.

Common problems:

  • Washer is not filling properly
  • Washer fills and drains simultaneously
  • Washing machine won’t agitate
  • Timers are not advancing
  • Abnormal vibrations or noises
  • Dryer won’t start or stops during a cycle
  • Dryer isn’t drying or doesn’t get hot
  • Dryer is too hot
  • Machines are tripping the breakers


Our goal is to fix your washing or drying machine in the first visit.  Please help us by providing the following information prior to your service call:

Model and Serial number
This information is essential for our technicians to prepare prior to coming to your home. While our trucks are regularly stocked with parts for most appliance repair needs, your technician will not only be able to check this stock but also review any factory provided information on any common issues with your appliance.

What’s wrong with the unit?
The more descriptive you can be, the better.  What is the problem?  When did the problem start?

Appliance History
We keep records of every customer we have and their appliances, but it’s always good to let us know if the appliance has been worked on by us or other repair technicians.


See a list of factory certified brands we service here

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